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This line-up represents advancements in crop science technology that can take you to new levels of productivity. Select a product and you'll find information from pests controlled to application procedures and more.

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DECREE® Fungicide
For effective Botrytis control in greenhouse tomatoes, lettuce and outdoor and greenhouse ornamentals. A protectant fungicide with locally systemic activity, when applied early in the disease life cycle, DECREE® (fenhexamid) inhibits the infection process to help effectively control Botrytis


ELEVATE® Fungicide
Provides proven protection and management of Botrytis and brown rot when applied early in the disease life cycle. ELEVATE (fenhexamid) delivers excellent control of Botrytis in grapes, many berry crops, and now ginseng. And it provides effective control of Monilinia blossom blight, twig or shoot blight and brown rot in peaches, nectarines and cherries. 


Evito® Fungicide
EVITO Fungicide is an advanced, highly systemic strobilurin fungicide that gets into wheat, barley, corn and soybeans fast and delivers long-lasting and reliable disease protection.


MAESTRO® Fungicide
For broad-spectrum disease control in fruit and vegetable crops, as well as ornamental plants. MAESTRO (captan) is a leading protective contact fungicide for dependable broad-spectrum disease control in apple, peach, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and grape crops in Canada.


METTLE® 125 ME Fungicide – in a class by itself
With strong preventative activity, METTLE® controls powdery mildew for improved fruit quality and yield, with no adverse crop effect.
METTLE 125 ME fungicide is an excellent example of how a powerful systemic active ingredient, combined with a state-of-the art formulation provides superior disease control in grape.



DEPLOY® Herbicide
A combination you can count on – broadleaf weed control backed by a name you can trust. DEPLOY provides broad-spectrum control of 21 broadleaf weeds, the compatibility of 18 tank-mix options, no re-cropping restrictions, and a wide window of application from 2-leaf to flag-leaf stage.


EVEREST® 2.0 Herbicide
A new formulation with advanced safener technology built in, EVEREST 2.0 Herbicide  (flucarbazone) provides an extra measure of crop safety in a wide range of conditions, setting a new standard for use on all spring wheat and durum varieties. EVEREST 2.0 is safe on wheat, but it’s relentless on weeds, giving you Flush after flush™ control of green foxtail, wild oats and key broadleaf weeds, regardless of conditions. 


EVEREST® GBX Herbicide
EVEREST GBX (flucarbazone and fluroxypyr) now contains EVEREST 2.0 with its advanced safener technology, EVEREST GBX is safe on wheat, with a wide application window. Nothing is easier to use. 


INFERNO™ DUO Herbicide
No burndown product is more ruthless against hard-to-kill broadleaf and flushing grassy weeds in spring wheat.


For broadleaf Control, there’s INFERNO™ WDG.

INFERNO™ WDG, an alternative to Express® SG, is a high-quality WDG formulation that delivers the same broadleaf weed control benefit over glyphosate alone, including hard-to-kill weeds like Roundup Ready® canola.

For more information view the INFERNO WDG label here.


NEXTSTEP® NG Herbicide
Introducing the next generation of NextStep (clodinafop) for wheat growers. Get the flexibility of 32 tank-mix partners, plus broad-spectrum weed control and a wide window of application all in one efficient pre-mixed package for the greatest profit potential. 


SELECT® Herbicide
Life is complicated. Your herbicide shouldn’t be. When it’s time to control grassy weeds in peas, flax, canola and other broadleaf crops, keep it simple. Use the herbicide that works the first time, every time – SELECT® Herbicide (clethodim) packaged with AMIGO® Adjuvant. 



ORTHENE® Insecticide
Providing both contact and systemic control, ORTHENE® Insecticide (acephate) delivers a powerful one-two punch against a wide range of pests in vegetables, tobacco and ornamental crops. 



KANEMITE® Miticide
For outstanding mite control in apples, pear and field ornamentals. KANEMITE Miticide (acequinocyl) delivers rapid knockdown and excellent control of two-spotted spider and European red mites in pome fruit and two-spotted and spruce spider mites in ornamentals in a single application.  


SHUTTLE® Miticide
For fast knockdown and excellent control of two-spotted and spruce spider mites in greenhouse ornamentals and shadehouse container grown nursery stock. SHUTTLE Miticide (acequinocyl) delivers rapid knockdown and excellent control of two-spotted spider and spruce spider mites and it’s effective on mites at all life stages, so you can apply any time of the growing season. 



KASUMIN™ Bactericide

A unique bactericide to help manage destructive bacterial diseases.